Artguise Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibit by Haliburton based painter Victoria Ward. Victoria’s mixed media pieces reflect her observations of human interference exploitation and consequential abandonment of natural sites. The pieces draw from experiences in ghost town Ontario mining communities, such as Cobalt Ontario. In such places, the geography was drastically altered by industry and development, intrusively depleted of its natural resources then vacated; only to later begin a healing process whereby nature reclaimed what she had lost. The compositions are emotive narratives where there pervades an atmosphere of rejuvenated beauty not without dramatic tension and melancholy. There are romantic and reflective undertones to the work. Her use of colour light and movement is highly expressive. The series is a thoughtful testament to the artist’s conceptual interest in humankind and nature’s eternal conflict for dominance over the landscape. We have found the show’s theme to be one of a currently relevant nature. Please join us opening night for an opportunity to meet the artist. All are welcome.

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